CCTV and Fleet Tracking Systems

Reliable systems

Hamilton ideas for a persuasive speech offers reliable and cost effective solutions for surveillance, monitoring and tracking infrastructure and transportation.


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    Monitoring critical infrastructure

    Hamilton offers solutions for monitoring critical infrastructure such as transmission pipelines, roads, railways and power lines. Our solutions provide a safe, reliable and sustainable way to monitor your assets.

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    Pipeline Integrity Management

    Hamilton has got a complete solution for reliable and cost-effective pipeline monitoring. It combines accurate and up-to-date monitoring data with smart tools for planned third-party activities and inspection planning. The solution shows pipeline operators exactly where and when potential hazards occur.

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    Fleet Tracking System

    Remote monitoring of oil & gas extraction and transportation activities is a must have capability for increasing not only efficiency but safety in the oil & gas industry. Automated tracking solutions can help accomplish these goals.

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    Remote Oil and Gas Equipment Tracking

    Being able to monitor the current status of equipment remotely helps to make oil extraction activities safer and more reliable. By checking tank levels, operation temperatures, fluid flow rates, and other key performance statistics remotely, you can make better decisions regarding the management of your extraction equipment without putting a worker too close to a potentially dangerous situation.

    For example, say that you needed to check the pressure on a pipeline carrying highly combustible natural gas or refined petroleum product. With remote monitoring, you can simply check a readout to see if the pressure is too low, too high, or just right. Your remote monitoring system can check for specific operational thresholds that you set up, as well. If a threshold is exceeded, you’ll get an alert so that you can quickly take action to remedy the problem.

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    Monitoring Fuel Transport for Fleets

    Once you’ve got your oil & gas extracted and ready for shipment, it’s important to make sure that the drivers of your delivery vehicles are using safe driving practices on the road. With a fleet tracking system for oil & gas vehicles, it’s possible to check:

    • Driver Adherence to Route and Schedule Planning. Part of ensuring fuel transport safety is picking the right routes that avoid hard-to-navigate paths. Also, planning out a schedule for avoiding the heaviest traffic can not only improve efficiency, it can help avoid vehicular collisions. With GPS tracking, you can make sure that drivers are sticking to the right routes and schedules for the greatest efficiency and safety.
    • Driving Habits. Another major factor in determining the safety of any big rig carrying a heavy load of combustibles is the driver’s habits for accelerating, braking, and turning. With GPS, you can check a driver’s speed, position, and other driving habits to create a thorough assessment of whether or not they’re driving safely. If not, you can reach out to the driver to correct the issue quickly.